Joining members must fill and submit their duly signed registration form through email: OR scan and upload the registration form through our website. After registration, you can start making your contribution of a minimum of $200 per month. A Member must contribute consistently for atleast 6 months to qualify for a loan. Qualifying members can get a loan up to 3 times the amount of their savings bar a maximum limit of $20,000. For example if you start saving on 19th June 2021, you qualify for a loan facility after 19th Dec 2021.


1. New Members.

Joining members must fill and submit the registration form through OR scan and upload through the website.

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Requirements for new members

  • A duly filled and signed registration form.
  • Non refundable application fee of $100.
  • Initial share capital of $250 equivalent to 5 shares of $50 each.
  • First month’s savings of atleast $200.

2. Existing Members.

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